Artistic innovators who can combine many separate elements, and design them into integrated and sustainable social systems for the benefit of humanity.



Our world is in a time of transition

The current economic, social, and ecological systems have proven to no longer be sustainable. A pervading belief that we must compete with one another to survive, rather than cooperate, has resulted in a global  imbalance where a very small percentage of the world’s business organizations retain the majority of wealth. Our economic, social, and ecological landscapes must change to support the emerging and NEW ECONOMY.



We have reached a time on our planet of transitioning into a new way of living. This new way of life will be led by communities.

The communities will work with Visionaries, Artisans, Scientists, Creatives and Social Impact Businesses to create new systems and structures to replace out dated and unsustainable ways of living that no longer serve humanity for its growth and evolution. 

Michkael Baker 



When I was 10 years old I had a vision of creating self-sufficiency centers around the world.I saw people utilizing their skills and talents to help one another while healing themselves in a seemingly perfect and effortless way. This web site is the unfolding of my life’s journey.



If you resonate with this concept and know you are here to co create a new economic system I ask you to please join us and support this any way you can. 

Abundance “The ability to do what you need to do, 
when you need to do it.” 








Our societies already have the talents, technology and resources necessary to develop a completely new social, political, and cultural environment that will benefit every living being on the face of the earth. Entrepreneurs who have the integrity and talent to solve these problems are isolated from each other. They have not been able to innovate and grow as they have virtually no access to traditional forms of financing. What has been lacking is a way to join these visionaries talents while providing them with effective funding models.


Connecting communities and entrepreneurs together, and providing them with access to resources in a collaborative and cooperative environment, is the foundational step in creating our new economy.

Entrepreneurs who create innovations for the self empowering of humanity are sometimes called social entrepreneurs . These types of entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide scale change. Their talents and skills as SYNTHESIZERS allows them to see the broad picture, while re-imagining and re-organizing social, economic, and ecological systems. These collaborative leaders inspire others to tap into their own creative power to co-create and join in their visions.

Once supported and empowered, these innovative pioneers can build new business structures that support self-sufficiency and alleviate the problems that plague our communities.







The Creative Action Centers of Online Open-Source Networks

Where the 99% Transform into 100%

CACOON is an online community development platform that connects individuals and networks with similar visions of social change. By bringing together local communities and open-source networks, we can facilitate the creation of a flexible and thriving economic system. Members form sharing and cooperative communities in order to share resources and solve social problems, through the development and support of social impact businesses called CREATIVE ACTION CENTERS.

A SOCIAL IMPACT BUSINESS builds salaries and social responsibility into the DNA of their business models. These businesses have a primary social objective and any profit or surplus revenues are balanced to support the business, its social impact investors and the local communities they serve.



The primary aim of CACOON is to self empower local social entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources necessary to build new social systems and business models. The platform facilitates the open sharing of resources and ideas in a cooperative environment, that creates an ecosystem of trust and participation in the new economy


The Open Kitchens are Co working and Co living intentional communities where innovation and new economy blue prints are developed in order to seed local cooperative communities around the globe.The Open Kitchen Action Centers develop social systems, social impact businesses and technologies focused around social entrepreneurship, integrative medicine, open-source technology, micro-manufacturing, local agricultural systems, intentional housing communities and progressive education.


What Happens at the Open Kitchen

The Open Kitchen brings together entrepreneurs, social impact investors and local communities to solve social problems in the form of social impact business development and collaboration.

Community Build Programs

Local communities collaborate with entrepreneurs, local chefs, farms, social impact organizations and integrative health practitioners to share the healing and connective powers of food through interactive workshops, classes and weekly dinner events. Future aspects will include eco-tourism, and cultivating medicinal agriculture.






The global economy at current is managed by debt based financing . The resources of nations are exchanged for money that is controlled by a central body of private banks. This central body or Central Bank then charges interest on this money that  is then loaned to three branches of the economy known as the Public, Social and Private sectors that have struggled to solve the problems of poverty, disease and pollution. It will take a creative and collective effort  to solve these problems.



When dealing with an imbalance in a system such as our monetary system, it is of utmost importance that new systems of business and energy exchange be created and developed in order to replace  or restructure the ones that people perceive are controlling them or have power over them.

If a society uses their energy on fighting a collapsing system by trying to force It ( the system) into being fair and balanced  then it will only take away from the energy and power needed to create the new systems to support them.

The  willingness to cooperate will allow us to accelerate the rate at which we can solve our social and economic problems and create a completely new society.


Social Impact Innovation

A New Economy is emerging that is collaborative and cooperative. The New Economy will  support the development of social impact businesses that are co-created with social entrepreneurs and local communities. These new businesses once formed can then help other businesses transition into the new economy by helping them innovate according to New Economy principles.This new system will be based on the talents and skills of individuals as the predominant  form of exchange. Local community credit currency will be distributed based  on the assistance in developing social impact businesses.The sharing of resources and volunteering will now play and active role in the management and distribution of resources into local and global economies. 



If you are resonating with this vision please consider donating  to help support the work that  I have done these past 8 years. Any amount of  support helps me move to the next stages of development in bringing 144 Social Entreprenuers together to develop this local and global system that empowers people to be self sufficient and self empowered in creating and directing the way they choose to live in this world.