Blue Voice Enterprises is a Social Impact Innovation and Multimedia Design organization headquartered in Portland, Oregon that designs,develops businesses and integrative technologies that address social,ecological and economic problems.


The Vision of Blue Voice Enterprises is to  join together a collaborative think tank of innovators who are pioneering a new market and economic system based on collaboration, cooperation and sharing.

Blue Voice Enterprises is developing an accelerated innovation and commnity development learning center called The CACOON. The CACOON integrates the exponential technologies of;Cloud Computing, Big Data, Business and Social Collaboration, Social Media, Business Analytics, Mobile technology and Multi Media.

The combination of these exponential technologies blended with Social Impact Innovation development will create a powerful disruptive global system of resource sharing, exchange and commerce that will support the development of the emerging sharing/collaborative economy and social impact business development in the local communities they will serve.


Blue Voice Enterprises is a Social Impact Innovation and Multimedia Design company that helps organizations in the social, public and private sectors address social, environmental and economic problems.

Our business model distributes its revenues to achieve sustainability for the company and also to our social mission of empowering social entrepreneurs and local communities.



We develop sustainable business models for non profits so they do not need to rely on donations for their organizations.

We help companies by envisioning new businesses and technologies, and we design products, services and internal systems that allow them to innovate and grow.

We work with local governments by providing them with the data and resources necessary to support the needs and desires of their local communities.

Creative Thinking vs Competitive Thinking

“You are to become a creator, not a competitor; you are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it every other man will have more than he has now. “

Wallace D. Wattles

Many of the concepts used in developing Blue Voice Enterprises Social Enterprise System were inspired by the Book ” The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles”

Founder Michkael Baker came to the conclusion that in order for our world to change we have to change the way we think. And the way we have been thinking about how we do business has been one of competition which leads to greed.

On the other side of this polarity we have had many belief systems about money that have held whole societies trapped by the fear of not having it or having too much of it. Beliefs such as  “Anyone who has allot of money must have had to lie, steal and cheat to get it” or “Money is the root of all evil” have kept people locked in a NO WIN situation.

We know that all people want to rise out of poverty,lack and living from pay check to pay but what they do not know is how do accomplish this except for well- having allot of money. What needs to be addressed is that our culture has been infected by an unconscious programmed belief that money is bad and the makers of it have all the power and control and therefore “the 99% ” can never get it and if they do they must compete and withhold their ” Secret Sauce” in order to obtain it.

All of these collected beliefs have caused a competitive mindset that has taken hold like an infectious disease. The Answer to this problem can be found in transforming the collective thinking of our culture.

Creative Thinking In Action

When dealing with an imbalance in a system such as our monetary system, it is of utmost importance that new systems of business and energy exchange be created and developed in order to replace or restructure the ones that people perceive are controlling them or have power over them.

If a society uses their energy on fighting a collapsing system by trying to force It ( the system) into being fair and balanced then it will only take away from the energy and power needed to create the new systems to support them.

This is why we are advocating a “New way of Doing Business ” 


Social Impact Business Development 

Social Enterprises:are social impact driven businesses who use revenues to achieve a social purpose. The profit ( surplus revenue) are used to expand the company’s reach,improve it’s products/services and invest and or develop in social impact businesses that support the economy of local communities. Surplus Revenues are also shared with the company’s founders , investors and its employees who in turn utilize much of this revenue to fund personal social driven missions.

Social Business: A term derived from Professor Muhammud Yunus. These are businesses designed to address a specific social objective. Investors in a social business are returned their initial investments but no surplus profits or percentage from the company. All surplus revenue is recycled back into the business to maintain stability, growth and to provide support for its employees, members and the community.

There are many definitions as it relates to doing business for not only for profit but for the benefit of those whom the busineeses products and services are being developed.Blue Voice Enterprises definition of this type of structure is very specific in its purpose and the allocation of it’s surplus revenue.




Company Growth 43%- Members and employee benefits, infrastructure building, social business and social enterprise impact development fund. All founders and employees have a maximum yearly salary cap of no more than $500,000 in any one position of Blue Voice Enterprises.

Distribution to Storehouse Foundation 20% –

The Storehouse foundation will be a global research and development organization that collects and shares data in order to support the self-sufficiency of local communities through the collaboration of other foundations, nonprofits,local governments and community development organizations.

The Storehouse Foundation aggregates data of entrepreneurs,businesses, non profits and investors to assist the acceleration o innovation. In order to fulfill its mission the foundation will work in collaboration through our collaboration and learning platform called CACOON or The Creative Action Centers of Online Open Source Networks.

The primary aim of the foundation is to develop community building programs that globally self empower individuals and local communities by providing them with the resources to actualize an abundance of life with focus on:

  • Water

  • Food

  • Housing

  • Energy

Work Equity Investors 12%- Founding work equity revenue share

Founding Investors 10%-Founder equity revenue share

Social Impact  Investors 15%- Revenue Share Model with Social Impact Investors