CACOON is an online interactive educational platform that matches social entrepreneurs with local communities to fund and develop businesses, products and services that have wide scale social change


The CACOON is an online and offline community development network and learning center that connects individuals who have similar visions of social change.The primary aim of CACOON is to self empower local change makers  by providing  them with the  environment and the resources necessary to build new social systems and business models that support self sufficiency and alleviate poverty in local communities.


When members join the CACOON they create a profile in order to be matched to others to develop projects.Once matches are made  members form cooperative and collaborative communities and share their talents, skills and resources to support each other and the communities that they serve.

ONLINE  Members form cooperative communities by being matched to others who have complimentatry skills, talents and resources.

OFFLINE Members collaborate with local communities to solve social problems by attending community building programs that include events, classes, workshops and community think tank sessions.

Members are connected to resources and projects based on their talents and skills on a particular project. Connections result in matches that go beyond the consuming of products or purchasing of services but of collaboration on similar interests and visions to co create a new economy.

THE COMMUNITY BUILD PROGRAM : Members pay a $12.00 and/or a $144 annual fee to join the CACOON.

$5.00 of a members fee is donated to the Storehouse Foundation and then returned to each members storehouse account monthly as an educational tool to learn how to sustainably utlize their resources in the new economy.

Members funds are used to support: 

Community Building Programs

Creative Action Center Development 

Peer to Peer Sharing 

Community Micro Lending 

Members utlize dollars, talents, skills and community participatory points called community credits to create an open economy of shared resources.




There are eight Portals within the CACOON ONLINE PLATFORM

Each Portal is designed to support the education of Community Cooperatives in three areas.

1. Social impact innovation
2. Community development
3. Collaborative sharing of local and global resources





As a member of CACOON you are part of a community building networks that is a guide in learning how to operate and share within a sustainable social Impact community.

Members form in various groups in order to share resources and solve social issues and problems through project development. We have designed a way for members to create small communities to collaborate and cooperate and support each other.


A key component to building our new communities is to educate and create access to resources in many ways for the building of co-creative social entrepreneurial projects. The CACOON has developed a revenue share program and also gives 20 percent of its revenues to the Storehouse Fund for local and global community development.

Community Programs are various programs connecting each of the portals that the Storehouse Fund will fund to support CACOON members in creating their projects.

In order to utilize the community programs within the network members must collaborate within three types of communities.

• Pods 3 to 12 members

• Groups 12 to 48 embers

• Clusters 48 to 144 members

When clusters self organize into community co-operatives they can then begin to collectively collaborate with other community co-operatives and form regional, national or global communities called community co-operatives.Community Co-operatives 144 to 144,000 members


Education is key to any self supportive system. Providing members with the tools and resources they needs opens up access to many levels of support so they can create the lives they so desire through knowledge and experiential learning.

Educational Series – As a paid member you receive access to educational information from other members and Cacoon partners.

1. Series will include live interactive workshops, seminars and classes.

2. Members receive information of their specific interest based on their Blue Print DNA.


The Enhance Portal is used to bring even more clarity to your projects.

The Enhance Button

The Enhance button acts as a wish list by saving resources and projects that you believe will enhance your quality of life. The community resource tree will now be able to supply you with information and materials that are more relevant to the things that Enhance your life.

The Vision Board

When an Enhance has been saved members can then organize these resources by categories onto what we call a Vision Board. Once the resources are categorized you are then prompted to begin creating projects by choosing only those items that you feel will most strongly provide you with the greatest use value.


The Resource Portal is an Inventory of a members asking and giving.

All resources, skills and talents that are needed to create the desired reality you want to create take place in the project portals asking and giving.

In order to create projects you will need to identify what type of people, places and things you need to create your desired reality.

You’ll also identify your primary objectives, motivators and inspirations, and determine what you’re willing to give in exchange by what you have in skills, talents or resources.

With your choices made you are now ready to activate your Asking and Giving and the system will then match you to the resources and prepare you to develop projects.


CACOON works as a universal manager of the resources you are in need of and also resources that you have to share.

Once you have decided on the resources that will Enhance your life or a Project you desire to create you will then be able to create projects to crowd source and/or crowd fund your vision, dream or social impact project.

Connecting to Resources

• When you activate your asking and giving you are sending a signature vibration to the field of networks in order to match you to the those resources that have the highest level of characteristics you have chosen.

• Once you activate your Asking and Giving the system goes to work and matches you to local resources,tools, places, volunteers and other members by first order of importance.

• In addition to being matched to resources you can also browse through the community to see what other people are up to, make connections, and find inspiration.


Showcase your Project

• Once your project has been activated you can choose either to keep it private or to showcase it for public for viewing.

• When members view your showcased project they can also ENHANCE your project and offer their support and receive updated news feed on your progress.


What you focus on will create your reality.

The Focus Room has the ability to show you comprehensive data within the Community Resource Tree operating system.

Data can then be analyzed to solve social problems and build sustainable communities.

The Focus Room provides members with access to all of their interactions and analytical data on all activity within their creation portals.

All data within the Focus Portal is owned and controlled by CACOON members. The Focus room allows members to manage progress of projects and also monitor their choices and connections to consciously create within the system.

As a member you are able to retrieve detailed data on what you are actually focusing on within the network in relation to what you say you desire and want you are actually focusing on and achieving.

In the Focus Room members can view the community credits programs and see how their use value exchanges of resources are benefiting their local communities and how it affects the entire global community within The CACOON.


Members are connected to resources and projects  based on their talents and skills on a any particular project. Connections result in matches that go beyond that of products and services but of similar interests and visions of their collective community.


Natural translators of Information who can inspire and broadcast a story in various forms.


 System builders and artisan makers. They can interpret a planned and design project and build with precision.


Architects and engineers of structures and systems.Have a keen eye of design principles in their area of expertise. 


Pioneers of innovative ideas. They have a special gift of bringing people together to join their visions.


Collaboration minded individuals who facilitate connections of people ,ideas, innovations ,visions and dreams.


Artists, musicians, multi media producers creatively tell the stories of the ideas of social impact innovation.


Broad picture innovators and futurists who envision ideas, systems, and new structures that have a wide range of social impact.


Detailed and organized thinkers able to organize thoughts and visions into easy to understand language and story.


Refiners-Eagle eye evaluators who have a deep knowledge of legal systems. They see potential problems and provide solutions.


CACOON promotes and broadcasts members projects and the development of the Creative Action Centers in their very own personalized and independent media feed we call Showcase Networks.

The network promotes the projects of CACOON members, by spotlighting their process of innovation and inspirations of community building,new economy,technology,business,art and entrepreneurship.

The Networks educational programming is broadcast into homes,educational centers, and local businesses to communities around the world. Local communities are then inspired to support projects and are invited to participate in community building programs such as:

Community Collaboration

Community Problem Solving

Community Petitioning

Community Voting

Community Crowd Funding 



We provide categorized sectors of broadcast for Showcase original and user-generated content. There are 12 sectors that have been developed to address the need for a sustainable Eco system within our local and global communities.


The New Economy and Use Value Resource Exchange systems.


Sustainable practices and Implementation


Social Impact business development in the New Economy


Multi Media that focuses on local stories of self empowerment & collaboration


Focusing on epigentics, quantum mechanics and the complimentary integration of Science and Spirituality.


Interactive programming focusing on how spirituality and science really are the same one thing expressing themselves in different forms.


Experiential and self design educational programming or sometimes called Progressive Education.
Progressive education finds its roots in present experience such as;

Emphasis on learning by doing – hands-on projects, expeditionary learning, experiential learning
Integrated curriculum focused on thematic units
Integration of entrepreneurship into education
Strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking
Group work and development of social skills
Understanding and action as the goals of learning as opposed to rote knowledge
Collaborative and cooperative learning projects
Education for social responsibility and democracy
Highly personalized education accounting for each individual’s personal goals
Integration of community service and service learning projects into the daily curriculum
Selection of subject content by looking forward to ask what skills will be needed in future society
De-emphasis on textbooks in favor of varied learning resources
Emphasis on lifelong learning and social skills
Assessment by evaluation of an individuals projects and productions


Decentralized and self organizing systems of community cooperatives and collectives working together to co create new forms of government that are decentralized and lead by communities rather than traditional public sectors.


Integrative medicine & self empowerment practices that support a holistic view of health.


Architecture and design that focuses on off grid development and the restructuring of real estate and living communities.


The Arts -development, education and
Promotion and the Integration of art in all forms as it relates to innovation and self expression.


Featuring the COMMUNITY BUILD Programs within the CACOON online platform. The community build programs focus on fostering cooperative relationships locally and globally.



The CACOON programs have been developed to help local communites transtion into a new economy. Within this supportive enviroment members can: 

Discover and meet others locally who share projects affecting positive social improvement.

Develop projects by being matched to others who have complementary ideas, abilities and resources.

Create projects that are open sourced in order to replicated based on the needs of local communities.


Whether the members are volunteers, contributors or sponsors of a community build program they can promote and distribute their  products and services in the community co-operative marketplace.

The CACOON inspires indviduals to engage in local and global civic action projects through education voting with their knowledge, dollars and resources to create their own versions of social impact projects in their local communities.