The Open Kitchen Action center is a co working and co living community collaboration space that brings together local communities and social entreprenuers to solve social problems through social impact business development. 


The Open Kitchen Action Centers mission is to develop educational programs and innovative technologies, social systems and social impact businesses in local communities that support their health and longevity.

Whether the members are volunteers, contributors or sponsors of a community build program we promote them and their products and services that are directly or indirectly involved in helping build their community. The Community Build series inspires viewers to create their own versions of these projects in their local communities. 



We will design community dining and commercial kitchens, coworking spaces and a multimedia production studio. 


Weekly workshops, artist showcase & community dinners will focus on healing the body, education and the promotion & distribution of members goods & services. 


Community building think tank sessions, podcasts and online video streaming programs will support the development of social impact business development.


The Open Kitchen Center works in co-operation with the storehouse foundation to develop community programs that benefit the re design of a local communities social and economic system. 

Local community members ,chefs, farms, social impact organizations and integrative health practitioners come together to  learn the healing and community connection of food through interactive workshops, classes and weekly dinner events. Other aspects will include Eco tourism, and medicinal agriculture.



Local communities attend community dinners that are intended to connect them to that will p organic local produce , education of chefs on where to access local organic produce and how to prepare it.These programs are designed to provide local local communities with affordable access to local food and the knowledge of the health benefits of the foods they learn to prepare for their families.


A Community Building series that features Local Chefs. Farms and communities discover  healing foods while learning to eat with sustainable cooking practices. Explore new and interesting local food, community supported agriculture ,urban farming, and become a conscious change leader in the world of food in your local city.


When members attend Open Kitchen community building workshops, events, classes or  other community building programs they will acquire Community Credit Points that can be used to supplement the purchasing, exchanging or sharing of items within the Creative Action Centers. The community credits program is intended to strengthen local economies by keeping the majority of this energy localized.





A Social Entrepreneur & Artist  exchange program that  supports and promotes social entrepreneurs and local artists,film makers, musicians and performance artists.

The Haus Exchange program provides these innovators a platform to bring their skills and talents to local communities as they travel the world to help support community funded projects within CACOON. These servant leaders will support the healing, development and re structuring of local communities.Members around the world will co operate in an orchestrated exchange of pods, groups and clusters from one city to another  and seed new creative action centers within local communities. The exchange program allows the traveling social entrepreneurs and artists to participate in community build programs in various host cities where they live for 1 to 3 months in Open Kitchen Action centers and intentional communities of other CACOON members.